Eight's mattresses use high quality memory foams and have been developed with a scientific approach by analyzing over 1.8M hours of sleep. Each of their smart mattresses include a proprietary tracker which analyzes 15 aspects of your sleep, including REM, deep sleep, tosses and turns, temperature, and more. Its most exciting features include the smart alarm, AI-Powered Sleep Coach, bed warming, and smart home integrations.

  • Saturn+: Best for back sleepers
  • Jupiter+: Best for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and couples
  • Mars+: Best for side sleepers, hot sleepers, or sleepers who weigh up to 300 pounds
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TECHNOLOGY✓ Sleep Tracking
✓ Sleep Coach
✓ Bed Warming
✓ Smart Alarm
✓ Alexa Integration
✓ Smart Home Integrations
CONSTRUCTION✓ 2 Memory Foam options (10 inches tall)
✓ 1 Hybrid + Memory Foam (11 inches tall)
✓ Custom Options Available
✓ Breathable
✓ CertiPUR-US certified
FIRMNESS OPTIONS✓ Medium-soft (5/10 on firmness scale)
✓ Medium-firm (6/10 on firmness scale)
✓ Firm (7/10 on firmness scale)
MOTION TRANSFER✓ Great for couples
✓ Jupiter+ is the best choice for this
TRIAL PERIOD✓ 100 Nights
WARRANTY✓ 10 Years
PROS✓ High quality materials
✓ Great for back pain
✓ Costs the same as other brands, but includes advanced tech
✓ Tells you how to improve sleep
✓ Better Business Bureau Rating of A+
CONS✓ Smart beds are not available in twin or twin XL
✓ Must have a smart phone
✓ Not advised for sleepers over 300 pounds
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How it stands out

The Story

It seems every other day a new bed-in-a-box launches. Eight didn't start out selling mattresses. Their first product, the sleep tracker, launched in 2014 as an Indiegogo campaign. Their CEO was having issues with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and was having trouble falling asleep. He often forgot to wear his tracking wristband so his data was always spotty so he wanted something consistent and that's when the sleep tracker was born. The campaign raised over $1.2 million dollars.

One year later they launched their website. Customers kept requesting for a mattress, so after analyzing millions of hours of sleep and trying every bed in the market, they launched their first smart mattress.


  • Sleep Tracking (Click to expand)
  • AI-Powered Sleep Coach (Click to expand)
  • Bed Warming (Click to expand)
  • Smart Alarm (Click to expand)
  • Alexa Integration (Click to expand)
  • Smart Home Integrations (Click to expand)


Eight has three different comfort models: the Saturn+, Jupiter+, and Mars+. Each smart model includes technology. You can compare the three mattresses on their site here.

All of the mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means that their foams meet rigorous standards for minimizing off-gassing. The mattresses are made without harmful chemicals such as formaldahyde, ozone depleters, heavy metals & flame retardants.

The Saturn+ Mattress

This mattress is 10 inches tall and includes one tech layer and three foam layers.

This is the firmest Eight model and therefore most suitable for back sleepers.

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The Jupiter+ Mattress

This mattress is 10 inches tall and includes one tech layer and four foam layers.

This bed is ideal for side or stomach sleepers.

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The Mars+ Mattress

This mattress is 11 inches tall and includes one tech layer and four foam layers. Side sleepers will enjoy this bed. Due to the added coil support system, sleepers that weigh up to 300 pounds should opt for this bed. It also has additional airflow which is beneficial for hot sleepers.

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Each mattress has its own level of firmness. We rated each firmness on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest. You can compare the three mattresses on their site here.

Saturn+ is the firmest mattress available on their site. It has a 7 rating on the firmness scale.

Jupiter+ is described as medium firm. It has a rating of 6 on the firmness scale.

Mars+ is described as medium-soft firmness due to its coils in between the layers giving it a little extra bounce. It has a rating of 5 on the firmness scale.

Motion Transfer

This factor is especially important to couples who may have a partner who tosses and turns a lot.

The best model for this would be the Jupiter+ mattress. The Mars+ mattress has the same motion isolation layer as the Jupiter+ model, but due to the coils in between the layers, there is slightly more bounce.

Trial Period

You can try the mattress free for 100 Nights. All of their products have free shipping and returns. If you do not love your mattress, you can return it for free and the support team can coordinate a pickup. Eight does not resell used mattresses but can suggest disposal services or potentially places to donate your bed depending on your location.


If your bed is defective (for example, it sinks in), then Eight will replace for free during the 10 year warranty. For the smart layer, it has a 1 year electronic warranty.

Review Video

Check out the video below from a real couple who reviewed the Jupiter+ smart mattress.

Pros and Cons


  • High quality foams with breathable cover
  • Costs the same as other bed in a box brands, but includes technology as well
  • Includes one-of-a-kind smart technology (sleep tracking, bed warming, smart integration, etc)
  • Better Business Bureau Rating of A+


  • Smart beds do not come in twin or twin XL sizes.
  • Must have a smart phone to use the bed's features.
  • Not advised for sleepers over 300 pounds


The Eight Smart Mattress is the only of its kind in the market. Each of the beds use high quality materials, but its impressive smart features can't be found anywhere else.

Eight’s proprietary technology tracks over 15 aspects of sleep, can wake you up during the right moment in your sleep cycle with a smart alarm, keep you warm with dual-zone bed warming, and even brew your morning coffee. It even has an AI-Powered Sleep Coach that actually tells you how to sleep better. It is truly the bed of the future.

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