Nectar has recently rose to fame on the levels of brands like Casper, Purple, and Leesa. Nectar produces their products in China with the goal of utting out middlemen and providing their product at an affordable price point. If you are looking for a firm bed, they are one of the firmest models out there.

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How it stands out

The Story

Commitment-phobes rejoice! Nectar offers a forever warranty and a 365 day trial. Scientifically, a mattress does need to be changed after a certain period of time, but these rules set in place are excellent for making the customer feel comfortable about their decision.

Awards and Recognition

  • Earned $55 Million in Just One Year
  • 5 of the Most Popular Foam Mattresses You Can Buy Online, US Weekly


Nectar's bed contain four layers of foam and are 11 inches thick.

Nectar Mattress Layers

Layer One: Tencel Cover which is bedbug resistant.

Layer Two: Quilted memory foam for a nice look.

Layer Three: Gel infused memory foam.

Layer Four: Hi Core Memory Foam which provides a little bounce.

Layer Five: Base layer for a sturdy foundation.


This mattress is described as medium firm, but based on customer reviews, it is very firm. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest, the Nectar is a 9. This mattress is more for the person who wants to feel they are on top of the bed rather than cradling into the bed at all, as there is little to no sinkage.

This bed may be too firm for side sleepers or stomach sleepers but a good choice for back sleepers.

Motion Transfer

This aspect is important if you are sleeping with a partner who tosses and turns a lot. This mattress is pretty good for motion transfer. Most people notice the movement when a bed sinks in at different levels, but since this bed is extremely firm, it absorbs the movement.

Trial Period

The Nectar bed has one of the most notable trials in the industry, which is 365 nights. This gives customers peace of mind knowing they can return the product if they are not fond of it. There have been some customer complaints about reaching customer service, so we would recommend contacting them at least a month or two beforehand if you are having second thoughts.


Nectar has the "forever warranty" which means you can replace your bed at any time if its quality deteriorates.

For the first 10 years of ownership, they will replace your mattress with a brand new Nectar at absolutely no charge to you if yours is defective in workmanship or materials. From year 10 on, they will completely repair and re-cover your Nectar, or replace your Nectar, waiving all transportation costs if a manufacturing defect or materials failure is confirmed to exist.

Keep in mind, things like spills or other factors that are not due to the quality of the bed holding up over time do not apply to the warranty.

Another thing to note is that you should still replace your bed every 7-10 Years, or sooner if you have back pain (Source: The Sleep Help Institute).

Pros and Cons


  • Great trial period and warranty
  • Built to last for a long time
  • One of the firmest beds out there if you like an extremely firm bed


  • B- Rating from Better Business Bureau, which is an OK rating, but there are some complaints about deliveries being very delayed
  • May be too firm for some people
  • Not ideal for stomach or back sleepers


If you're looking for a simple, extremely firm bed, you won't be disappointed with Nectar. Due to their forever warranty and 1 year trial, you can rest easy knowing you don't have to commit if you don't like it.

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