Mattress Sizes and Mattress Dimensions

Just like there are many brands of mattresses, there are also a variety of sizes. Part of choosing the right mattress is choosing one with the right bed dimensions for you. 

The standard bed size dimensions may vary a bit by both company and country, but the basic dimensions for a U.S. mattress are as follows: 

Twin XL: 38" x 80" 

Popular in many dorms, this is an option for taller people who want a bit more room than a regular twin. As someone who slept in a twin XL for four years, I can tell you firsthand that this mattress is absolutely designed for single sleepers only.

Full size/double: 53" x 75"

Once designed for couples, this size has now become the standard for single sleepers. It is plenty roomy and may still work for couples looking to free up space in their room, but generally it’s worth it to spend a few extra bucks for a Queen.

Full XL: 53" x 80"

Offering the most space for single sleepers, this mattress is designed for tall people who want something that takes up less room than a Queen but offers more room than a Twin. However, if you have the floor space, buying a Queen bed is the better option since they often cost about the same.

Queen: 60” x 80”

Generally the preferred option, this mattress is great for couples or an individual. They’re  typically more affordable than King or Cali Kings. Queen sized mattresses are the most prevalent size in master bedrooms.

King: 76" x 80"

Typically for two sleepers, this bed size provides ample room, making it the most spacious mattress. Usually the most expensive, King beds are often worth the money for the extra space (especially if your partner tosses and turns a lot).

California King: 72" x 84"

Although it sounds more luxurious than a standard King, that is not really the case. This bed is simply designed for taller people to be comfortable during sleep. This is the tallest mattress option and is a great choice for couples or a single sleeper.

Always make certain to measure the dimensions of your door and walkways to ensure your mattress can actually make it into your bedroom. For this purpose, we highly recommend a bed in a box.